Former Activision Blizzard executive joins Yuga Labs as CEO

With Daniel Alegre on board, Yuga Labs is expected to ramp up its metaverse efforts. Previously, he held leadership positions at Google, Activision Blizzard, and Bertelsmann.

Cardano’s Hydra On The Horizon: Making Strides Towards Mainnet Release

Cardano’s development team is making significant progress towards the mainnet release of its Layer 2 scalability solution, Hydra.  The core technology teams continued working on networking, consensus, and node improvements in the latest weekly development report. The system test team made further improvements to the test framework, adding more automated tests and analyzing and fixing Nightly […]

Sam Altman’s WorldCoin Unveils Tech to Prove You Are Human

World ID set to employ ZK proofs for most advanced and tamper-proof digital identification protocol so far

Will Bitcoin Fail to Hold Its Upward Rally? Here’s What BTC Traders Can Expect Next Week

The post Will Bitcoin Fail to Hold Its Upward Rally? Here’s What BTC Traders Can Expect Next Week appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Bitcoin has been on a remarkable run recently, with its value surging to new highs in the past few weeks. However, the recent lawsuit on Binance by the CFTC and several […]

XRPL Smart Contracts Platform Announces Hooks V3 Release, Teases Airdrop

Hooks v3 set to be latest ‘dress rehearsal’ before activation of XRPL smart contracts functionality on mainnet

Ethereum’s L1 would have no problem interacting with zkEVMs, Vitalik clarifies

The Ethereum blockchain would expand to a three-layer client. Latency and data efficiency remained a problem. Ethereum [ETH], plagued by transaction delays and network congestion a few years back, has been on top of solving these challenges, thanks to the plethora of scaling solutions. The last of these is the zero-knowledge integration with the Ethereum […]

March Bitcoin Mining Stats Show Climbing Revenue and Hashrate Highs

According to statistics, 4,498 blocks have been mined in the last 30 days, creating 28,112 new bitcoins over the past month. Bitcoin’s network hashrate has been around 341 exahash per second (EH/s) during the last 2,016 blocks or the last two weeks. This month, the mining pools Foundry USA and Antpool dominated the pack, accounting […]

Is ETH Deflationary?

Is ETH Deflationary? Ethereum will be upgraded for the first time in 2023 on April 12th, but it has undergone several successful upgrades over the last 2 years that has greatly changed its supply and tokenomics. Two major milestones have been reached in the Ethereum roadmap over the last year and a half, the Burn […]

What Web3 Gaming Can Offer to (At Least) 40% of the World’s Population

Web3 gaming has the potential to be a natural bridge between Web2 and Web3, argues Aptos Labs Co-Founder and CEO Mo Shaikh.

A Woman Who Runs a Vegetable Vendor Has Begun Accepting BTC Payments

A “grandma” (rather an old woman that is old enough to be a grandma) was recently featured in a crypto-related Reddit video. The story of the video is that the woman – who runs a vegetable kiosk – made her first bitcoin sale, and she couldn’t be more pleased about it. A Woman Begins Accepting […]