Memecoin Project “Complex” Shuts Down Amid Mental Health Saga

Complex memecoin has officially announced the termination of its project, citing concerns over the mental health and well-being of its team members due to recent harassment incidents. The memecoin, minted in the Base blockchain, was shut down by the project developers who communicated the decision and unhappy impact on the team’s mental health due to […]

Cboe Seeks SEC Approval for Mutual Funds’ ETF Share Class, Will Bitcoin Find Its Way?

On Thursday, April 4, Cboe Global Markets requested a rule change from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowing mutual funds to get exposure to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) share class. With the spot Bitcoin ETFs seeing huge demand in just two months of its launch, it opens up the possibility of Bitcoin making its […]

Crypto Price Prediction: Will BTC Lose $60K In An Extend Correction Trend?

Crypto Price Prediction: The cryptocurrency market continues to waver in uncertainty accentuating a period called pre-halving consolidation. The lack of initiation from buyers or sellers has led to a sideways action in Bitcoin, wavering around $67000 for nearly a month now. Despite a short-lived rebound to $69K on Thursday, the trader’s sentiment largely remains pessimistic, […]

Breaking: Do Kwon Extradition Decision Reversed by Montenegro Top Court

A lower court ruling about the extradition of the co-founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, has been reversed by the Supreme Court of Montenegro. The decision was made following the prosecutors’ appeal of the appellate court’s rejection of Kwon’s legal team’s appeal. The Supreme Court’s announcement dated April 5 emphasized procedural violations of the lower […]

32,041 Bitcoins Bought by Genesis to Settle Creditor Debts

Genesis Global Capital declared a profitable sale of its shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). The bankrupt cryptocurrency lending company converted the money to buy 32,041 Bitcoins. This gesture is intended to compensate the company’s customers and creditors. The liquidation process included approximately 36 million GBTC shares. Genesis’s legal team confirmed the completion of this […]

Ethereum Price: What’s Happening With Ethereum; Will It Recover To $4000 Before Halving?

Ethereum price has fallen to the lowest of the week at $3262, with a 6% drop. The Ethereum value has continuously followed a downtrend from the 2nd of March after following the price fall of Bitcoin. It has a market cap of $398,401,567,957, which also dipped 2% from earlier. In contrast, the trading volume has […]

XRP To $1 In April: Analyst Upholds Forecast Despite Market Corrections

In a recent attention-grabbing chronicle witnessed within the cryptocurrency landscape, a leading crypto market analyst going by the name Dark Defender showcased a retained sense of bullishness on XRP to hit $1 in April, nabbing substantial attention. This sentiment, coming in the midst of significant price corrections witnessed in the broader crypto market, curated a […]

Bitcoin Whale Buys $1 Billion Worth of Assets: Bullish Outlook?

A Bitcoin whale has made a huge purchase signalling increasing market sentiment as the halving approaches. On-chain data from BitInfoCharts shows an inflow of 15,745 BTC on April 6 amid the slight increase in prices in the last 24 hours.  Despite the market trading sideways, bullish activity remains with analysts projecting more gains before the […]

Goldman Sachs In Hunt For Next NVIDIA In Emerging Markets

Considering the significant level of performance and euphoria that Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based firm NVIDIA has recorded, Goldman Sachs is now searching for the next wave of AI companies that can produce such results. Goldman Sachs Is Targeting High-Performing AI Bets Investors are currently looking beyond the United States to other emerging markets for better value […]

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s Crypto Prediction For 2024

Where the XRP has been struggling between the Ripple vs. SEC case, the Ripple CEO has predicted how 2024 will be for crypto investments.  The crypto market is still down, and all the major cryptocurrencies are facing dips for almost a week now. While the market is down, Brad Garlinghouse’s crypto prediction is lifting the expectations […]