Dogecoin (DOGE) Primed for Potential Price Surge, Analyst Suggests – $0.18

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has recently shown a potential buy sign on the daily chart of Dogecoin. During the previous Bitcoin halving in 2020, DOGE was trading for less than $0.01, a year later, the price more than doubled to $0.65 Dogecoin (DOGE) enthusiasts have reason to anticipate a potential upswing in the cryptocurrency’s price, […]

IOTA Drives Innovation in Trade Finance: French Law Paves Way for Digitalization

French Senate is set to debate a new law inspired by the Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records that would allow digital trade documents to optimise trade finance. The law could massively boost DLT adoption to underpin digital documentation and provide decentralised identity; IOTA is the leader in this field, with initiatives in Europe, Africa […]

Shiba Inu Market Lead Forecasts Major Price Surge After Bitcoin Halving

Shiba Inu’s top executive believes the crypto market is on track for a super cycle akin to the prior post halving bullish sentiments. Shiba Inu price is aiming to retest its all-time high in the coming weeks after last month’s bullish breakout from a macro bearish trend. The total cryptocurrency market cap has been bleeding […]

Ethereum To See Fresh Move Soon? What Futures Data Says

Data shows the Ethereum Open Interest has been trading at relatively low levels recently. Here’s what this could mean for the asset’s price. Ethereum Open Interest Has Been Moving Sideways Since Its Plunge As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant Quicktake post, the ETH Open Interest has followed a similar trajectory as the price […]

PEPE, Runes, Or FLOKI: What’s the Best Investment in April 2024?

PEPE, Runes, and FLOKI are entering into a heated run that could definitively establish the third-ranked memecoin after DOGE and SHIB. The coins’ prices offer a discount entry point with a wide market rally led by BTC expected in the coming months. With the crypto market beginning to flash bullish signs, investors are beginning to […]

Ripple News: BRICS Alliance Moves Towards Dollar-Less Trade with Unified Financial System – Will XRP Play a Crucial Role?

The BRICS economic alliance is advancing its de-dollarization efforts by actively pursuing the establishment of a unified financial system in 2024. The proposed “BRICS Bridge” initiative seeks to integrate the digital currency systems and financial messaging platforms of member nations. In 2024, the BRICS economic alliance is actively working on establishing a unified financial system […]

US Presidential Candidate RFK Jr Unveils Plan to Put Entire US Budget on Blockchain

U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) has unveiled his plan to put the entire U.S. budget on a blockchain. “Every American can look at every budget item in the entire budget, anytime they want, 24 hours a day,” he explained, adding that if somebody is spending $16,000 for a toilet seat, everybody […]

BDAG’s Presale Surpassing BNB’s Rise & Solana’s DEX Growth

BlockDAG Shines with $19.5M Presale And Moon Keynote Teaser, Overshadowing BNB Price and Solana DEX Activity In the world of cryptocurrency, where innovation drives investment, BlockDAG stands out. With its state-of-the-art X-series mining rigs and a hybrid consensus mechanism, BlockDAG has accumulated an impressive $19.5 million in presale revenue and demonstrated its potential for a […]

Bitcoin halving aftermath: LTC, LINK emerge as investor favorites

Fears about Bitcoin’s reaction to two events opened doors for LTC and LINK.

Ethereum Whale Goes On 127,000 ETH Buying Spree, Was It Justin Sun Again?

Reports show that a new Ethereum (ETH) whale has been on a buying spree recently. This whale bought over $405 million worth of ETH since March 31 and is suspected to be Tron founder Justin Sun. Sun is also linked to another address that made massive ETH moves this year. A New Whale On The […]